Friday, March 4, 2011

Where have you been?

Where have I been? Honestly, I don't even know. Things have been a little crazy around here, well a lot crazy. I can't even begin to describe it. BUT... we have decided to leave in late April or early May. JMG is now taking his medicine and it has some pretty unfortunate side effects, so we are waiting until he is on the lowest dose to leave. Our biggest concerns are the fact that he is not sleeping and that he shouldn't be in the sun a lot. Since PNG is so close to the equator, the sun thing... well that would be problematic. We are SUPER excited that we are getting so close to leaving. We have been preparing for this moment for years and are jumping for joy that the time is close at hand!!!! But, there is the other side of that bittersweet coin that we have to deal with...

We are now getting ready for a whirlwind tour of friends and family and final goodbyes. We will soon head to North Mississippi to say our goodbyes to our precious family at Pheba Baptist Church. I am tearing up just writing that. We love that church and those people so much.

Next, we will head to Alabama for the last time. (March 14th- early April) I cannot even write anything else about that. I would not like to destroy my computer with tears. Thank you for understanding.

Then we will finish our last few weeks in Mississippi. Again...can't talk about it. I find that if I suppress my emotions, it is really better for me and all those around me. Does anyone want to see an (almost) 30 year old woman in the fetal position eating her hair??

So, if you want to see the George Tribe before we leave, that is our schedule. You can call, text, facebook, email, snail mail, carrier pigeon... whatever form of communication you prefer...if you want to get together. We want to see as many faces, hug as many necks as we can, and eat as much delicious and fattening food as we can. I fully expect to put on 400 lbs and spend $14,000,000 on gas in these next 2 months. And I am ok with that.

***I plan on looking like this...except that huge belly will be filled with fried chicken and chocolate cake instead of a baby.


  1. I cried reading this. Mainly because I won't get to see you again for a very long time. We were supposed to come home for spring break, but I had to go and screw up my now spring break will be reconstructive knee surgery. I'm going to miss you more than you could possibly imagine. I love you guys so very much. I know this is what God has planned for your family, but I still don't like it. I love you so much!

  2. we need to put some of Patricia's pimento and cheese in that belly too :-)