Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I have heard a couple of times since I started this blog that I should write a book. 99.9% of those times have come from my mom who also tells me that I should have my own restaurant whenever I make Tuna Helper. Yep. She is that kinda mom. Sweet, encouraging, supportive, delusional. So, I got her these books to read instead. They are about Bible translation among tribal people. They are from the perspective of a missionary kid, and they are HILARIOUS!!! Seriously, once you read them, you will wish this guy had a blog that you could read instead of mine. They are some of my all time favorite missionary stories, and let me tell you people, I have read almost all of them! You can get them from Amazon or for great prices. So, stop what you are doing (reading this blog) and get these books right now!!

I am running out of missionary books, so because of the stage of life I am in now, I think this will be my next read...

My kids are working on this book now...

Just kidding.

**Just so you know, I purchased these books with my own money. This is not a promotion. If anyone were trying to promote anything, I doubt they would ever come to me to do that. Please enjoy this untainted recommendation.

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