Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tribal Medicine

In recent weeks, people have been asking us a lot about our medical situation in the tribe. I guess when your husband has a cancer scare, it makes people wonder. Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that we are prepared!!! New Tribes has some great training, and one aspect of that training is "Health and Wellness". It should also be called "If this doesn't scare you out of being a missionary, then nothing will". We learned all about sick, disgusting parasites and tropical diseases. For example (did you really think you would get away with not hearing an example from me??), if you go to Africa, you have to watch out for the "Guinea Worm". If this lovely parasite makes its way into your system you have to cut a little hole at the bottom of your leg and wrap the end of the worm around a match stick and twist it a small amount each day. It usually takes several weeks before you can get the entire worm out. Yeah, so you just have to hang out with this worm in your leg... like its a dirty gross room mate that eats all your food and doesn't pay rent. Exciting! So who wants to go to Africa now???

Seriously, who wants to go? They really need missionaries.

But, anyway. Here we are in class learning how to give each other shots. We will have to give vaccines to our kids, and any other shots that will be necessary as different things come up.

Here I am about to give JMG a shot. I am sort of spazzing out, but I am sure this does not surprise any of you...

I just can't stand the thought of inflicting pain on anyone else. Even my husband, who lets just get honest, sometimes deserves it. The thought of giving shots to my own kids is even worse. All the girls had to have blood drawn to prove they don't have HIV as part of our visa applications. The big girls got some numbing cream for their arms, but my precious baby didn't. I had to leave the room, and even then I almost passed out. Luckily she didn't cry at all or there would have been some very sweet nurses picking me up off the floor. I am sure JMG will have to be the doctor in the family.

But don't worry for anything too serious the "ambulance" will come pick us up...

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