Monday, March 16, 2015

T-Shirts and Goodbyes

We are saying lots of goodbyes (yet again) and it is not fun. We leave in exactly one week to go back to PNG and while I am excited to go back- I am not excited to leave the people I love.

Many people have asked me if it is harder or easier to go this time and the answer is: Yes.

Is is harder to leave. But easier to go back. I know that makes no sense, but it's the truth.

It is much harder to leave my family after going three years without seeing them and only getting a few shorts months of hugs, and conversations, and smiles, and meals, and laughter before we leave for another three years. It is like giving one bite of prime cut steak to a starving person. It is perfect and heavenly, but simply not enough. They need more...I need more.

However, it is easier to go to PNG this time. We aren't traveling into the unknown. We are going home. Our house is there, our job is there, and our friends are there. Yes! We are going back to friends instead of total strangers- that makes a HUGE difference!

So now that you have the answer to that question, I have a question for you...

Who wants a t-shirt???

Look at my handsome husband!! He was not too thrilled about being my model as you can tell, but I think he could switch careers if he really needed to, don't you?

I know many of you have followed and prayed for our witch situation, so what could be better for a shirt that supports Hewa ministry?? I really wanted it to say "I love Innocent women and children who are wrongly accused of being possessed by evil spirits and causing sickness and death, and are therefore murdered" but that wouldn't fit on a t-shirt so this is what you got.

The selling of this t-shirt has two main purposes. I will list them below:

1. To make money to maintain our airstrip which we use to evacuate those accused women and children and get them to a safe location.
2. To raise awareness. When someone reads this shirt, and gives you that squinty-eyed head tilt then you can tell them all about the Hewa witch situation and help shed some light on a very dark practice. Hopefully, the more people that know about this tragedy the more people will fight to stop it.

So, if you would like one you can send $15 via paypal to with the size you want and your address and we will ship it to you (shipping is included in that price unless you order a ton of shirts. A ton is very heavy and therefore very expensive to ship)Sorry, but we are no longer selling shirts. We will try to do this again on our next furlough. Thank you to everyone who bought one!!

The catch is that you have to do it QUICKLY because I am super lame and did this at the last minute and in case you missed it above- we leave in ONE WEEK. But it's worth it- I promise because my college friends Josh and Kelsey Dennis helped me get these done (Josh designed the whole thing) and they look AMAZING.