Monday, June 30, 2014

Dear Mississippi

Dear Mississippi,

We love you and we promise we are coming back. We have a vast number of people and churches that we can't wait to visit! We are putting our kids in school in the Magnolia State in August, so we will be living in the Jackson area for the majority of our nine month furlough.

We planned on visiting with most of our friends and supporting churches in Mississippi when we got back from our summer tour of churches in the Southeast since we will have way more time there than any other place in America.

Our little family has just spent the last two weeks traveling through North Mississippi and Central Alabama and have had an incredible time laughing, crying, and above all eating with the friends and family that are so precious to us. We will spend the next four weeks with my mom, sister, and nephew in North Carolina.

There will certainly be more short jaunts here and there, but we will pretty much be in Mississippi until January when we plan to do a "goodbye tour" before heading back to Hewa in February.

Here are just a few hightlights from our travels so far...

This is our sending church. There are no words for how much we love the people in this place!!!

Some dear friends/supporters who have been a huge encouragement to us since we were just a young engaged couple in ministry.

Slip-n-slide fun at the Hamby House. We would most certainly not be in missions today without this incredible family.

George girls with the Hamby clan.

A sweet friend and supporter who I haven't seen in over 10 years!! (ps- Jennifer you haven't aged at all!)

A BFF from our days in youth ministry in Eclectic. Don't know what I would do without this one! 

And the rest of the crew from our Eclectic, AL days (minus Jacie above) I think I have laughed more with these people than I have with all other people collectively over the course of my life.

Grandpa (my dad) seeing his granddaughters for the first time in 3 years.

All the traveling has Lucy missing her Hewa home. She drew this picture a few days ago.

Meeting the donkey "Sanchez" at Aunt Kathy's house.

All three girls got to ride this horse appropriately named "Hope". Mattie enjoyed it the most by far!

Showing off our Hewa gear.

Crazy kid fun! 

More of my sweet family (minus a few)!

As you can see we have been really busy and had more fun than should be allowed for one family in such a short amount of time. We had so much fun that I realize I missed getting a lot of pictures that I really need. So if you have some pictures of any of our time together please email them to me! I would love to have them all! (