Saturday, August 23, 2014


The measles situation has gotten really bad. Several very young children and babies are close to death. My co-worker, Susan, wrote to say she doesn't think they will make it through the night.

It is currently night time in Hewa right now. Please pray all day for the lives of the precious children and for their parents. I am putting pictures and names here. Please call their names out loud before our Lord and Savior!!! Please come along side us and them- your brothers and sisters and beg for God's mercy to spare their children!!!

 Fita and Layam... (the two smallest)
Both are very sick and fighting for their lives.
Susan wrote,
"Please pray for Amon and Maria's little girl, their only child.  It looks like she will be leaving this world soon.  She has deteriorated daily.  Amon has been sick with the measles as well so he has not been able to help Maria much".

Susan wrote, "It is with a really heavy heart that I say that Emiyas' little Abraham is fighting for his life.  It doesn't look good for him.  Please pray pray pray.  He has no strength left to fight.  Please pray all day for him.  It appears he may be leaving us soon."

Please pray and share with anyone else who will pray....



  1. Joining you in prayer for these precious children and their families.

  2. Praying as a family for these precious children for healing and strength

  3. Prayed and prayed last night, and rejoicing this morning.

  4. Thank you so much everyone! I cannot tell you what a blessing it was to know that these babies were bathed in prayer!

  5. Praying and trusting for God's divine and miraculous intervention for all.

  6. Praying for these precious children!!!