Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weird stuff at Sharon's

I love my mom. She is a great mother and a great person in general. However, she has her little quirks that my husband, my sister, and myself love to laugh at. She doesn't mind (most of the time) and usually laughs along with us.

One of her quirks is that she is a potential hoarder. Actually, she doesn't usually laugh when we call her a hoarder- it makes her mad. So, I will admit that she is not a hoarder like you see on TV. Her house is not floor to ceiling newspapers and broken 8 track players, but she does not like to get rid of things. My sister and I are constantly "encouraging" her to get rid of stuff, so she won't turn into a real hoarder. We have to remind her all the time that real hoarders don't just go out one day and buy 7,000 newspapers and an entire thrift store, come home with those things, fill their houses up and say, "There! That is the design concept I was shooting for!" Nope. It gradually piles up when the person can't let go of anything.

So, even though my mom isn't a real hoarder- she still has lots of weird and quite funny things in her house that I thought I would share with you. Here is the first of many posts of my mom's junk... Are you ready for this??

That's right! It's "Richard's Organics Pet Calm". It treats "pet anxiety and stress". You know, because when your pet works 60 hours a week and has to come home and worry about how his 401K is tanking in "this economy", he really needs something to take the edge off.

So there you go. A little window into my mom's world. Its a nice little world where your children are keeping your house clutter free and your dogs are all heavily sedated.

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