Friday, March 18, 2011

Weird Stuff Part 2

Ok, so this one is a little bit my fault. I was quite the little dork in the 6th grade. I was very obsessed with George Strait, and thought the whole world needed to know. I became a member of the George Strait fan club in 5th grade and got a little advertisement through my monthly George Strait fan club newsletter for this jacket. Unfortunately for me and my social life this ad came right around Christmas. I truly believe that if this had come say... in February, I might have wanted it, but certainly would have wanted something else by December. Instead, this hideous jacket crossed my path at just the right time. What is even more disturbing is the fact that this jacket fits me now. So, either I was this size in 6th grade, or I wore this jacket 10x too big making me look even more ridiculous. I actually even remember wearing this to church. (it is unfortunate that you cannot see me hanging my head and shaking it in disbelief and shame)

Here is the back of the jacket..just in case you were slightly blind and couldn't see the "George Strait" logo on the front it is enlarged on the back. In fact, it is so "enlarged" that I am pretty sure that George Strait himself could see the logo from Texas (even though we lived in Alabama).

OK, so it is my fault that this jacket first came into my mother's home, BUT it is not my fault that she still has it hanging in her coat closet. I thought I gave it to Goodwill years ago. Little did I know that she dug it out of the Goodwill bag, and kept it through 3, that's right, 3 moves!!! (Actually, I could do an entire series of stuff Sharon dug out of the Goodwill bags over the years)

I would just like to say thank you to anyone who was my friend in 6th grade. Thanks for risking committing social suicide by being seen next to me in this jacket. I feel that I owe you all favors, so feel free to call me to watch your kids or mow your lawn or break it to your grandma that you are putting her in a home...whatever you need.

Now, in the same closet hung this little number...

For this, there are no words...

She told me she wore this as a "cowgirl" for a Halloween costume. I know cowgirls. I myself was once a cowgirl. Cowgirls do not wear this. I am pretty sure she could have gone as Death carrying a severed human head and not been as scary as she was in this costume...

That is all... until part 3.

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