Saturday, May 14, 2011


Here are the pics from this morning's post (actually, last night for most of you reading this). It is just easier to put them in a new post, so here you go.

Climbing trees...

Hanging laundry out to dry... (FYI: today I had to hang the laundry, quickly pull it off the line while it rained and then hang it back out again. JMG hung it out the second time, so I wouldn't lose my mind)

Playing with weird animals. The local people say they are "sweet" and they are not talking about their personalities...

Eating weird fruit. Weird, but delicious...

So, there's the proof people. Don't ever doubt me again, or I'll...I'll...well, I'll just show you more pictures. So take that. Yeah.


  1. Did the dog come with the place?

  2. yes! we actually have 2 "guard dogs" here. They are both really sweet and the kids love them!

  3. When you find out how "sweet" the animal is, I would love details...haha!

    Glad you guys are settling in! Love the pictures!