Saturday, May 28, 2011

Two Letters

Dear Water Babies 70+ SPF Sunblock,
You are no match for the Papua New Guinea sun. Even though, you said "waterproof" on your bottle, I still reapplied half way through our beach trip. My white babies have a sunburn, but I guess you did protect my little tan baby- that or genetics protected her- not quite sure. It is probably not your fault. But it would help me in the future if you could come up with an "equator proof" sunblock.

One mom filled with guilt as she looks at her daughter's face.
(7 pm last night)

Dear Aloette Nutri Hydrating Mist,
My babies look so much better this morning, and are not in any pain from their over exposure to the sun yesterday. I am so relieved that I don't have to feel like the worst mother on the planet...the solar system...the universe when I look at their faces today. I am also appreciative for all the bug bites and heat rashes you have soothed since we've been here, I am pretty sure I should have shipped more than 5 bottles. I see us going through those faster than a tween girl goes through Justin Bieber ring tones.

One relieved mom.
(8 am this morning)

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