Thursday, May 19, 2011

House work

Since we've been here, I have been trying to learn a new routine for what are generally my typical daily duties. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. Nothing has been too drastically different yet, but it seems that every task just takes a little longer to accomplish.

This past week, though I was faced with two challenges that I thought you might find interesting. The first was my "vitamin enriched" bag of rice. It looks nice enough and that was so kind of them to enrich my rice with vitamins..

But wait...What's that I see there? Is THIS their idea of "enrichment"? Um, no thanks. I will just take plain ol' starchy, loaded with carbs, and not really very nutritional rice.

Yes, these are alive. As you can see, they are crawling around inside the bag...

I wasn't totally sure what to do about them, until thankfully they just exited the bag themselves. Phew! I definitely wasn't going to throw the bag out because honestly, every bag probably had similar little creatures inside it. Also, the bag cost me $5, so bugs or not we are eating it! (Food is really expensive here)

My next challenge of the week came yesterday when it rained pretty much all day. The morning started all nice and sunny, so of course I washed my clothes and hung them out to dry. Then the rains came. And they DID. NOT. STOP. So, I decided to pay the $5 to use the dryer for an hour (Electricity is really expensive here too). Well, when I went to turn the dryer on, I discovered that it was broken. So, I drag my wet laundry out to the porch and hang it up under there, where it is still hanging this morning. I imagine it will be dry sometime next month, but I am not, I repeat, NOT getting it back down and hanging back out in the sun. It can stay wet until Jesus comes back if it wants. (which turns out, according to this guy is going to be Saturday, so that really isn't that long, I guess)

***please note that the views of Harold Camping and his website do not reflect the views of the TribalWife and her website. Although, it would be nice if her laundry would be dry by Saturday even if Jesus does not return. Thank you.

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