Friday, May 6, 2011

The flight

I wish I could tell you that I was all wrong for dreading that flight. That it was a wonderful magical journey...but unfortunately I was right and it was horrible. I got motion sickness for the first time ever. It literally made me feel like death, and even when we got off the plane I still felt like I was bumping and swaying in the air. We missed our flight into Cairns because our plane got in late, but to me that was a blessing! I had several hours to recover, so I felt much better by the time we took off again. I mean, even the bus ride from one terminal to the other in Sydney made me very sick, so I know another plane ride right away would have probably killed me. Anyway, the kids were really good for the most part so that was a blessing. But we are here in Cairns, Australia and do not have to board another plane until Sunday! Woo- hoo! We have lots of fun things planned for our two days here, so I will try to update as often as I can. For now here are some pictures of our trip..

Mae loved riding on the airplanes!

This is in LA. It was like 1 am our time and we were about to board the plane. (notice the drool on JMG's shirt)

Lucy the big helper. She had to push the stroller since we had two carts full of luggage.

We very quickly told everyone that we were moving to PNG. We did not want people to think we were ridiculous with the amount of luggage we had, and perpetuate any ugly American stereotypes. Your welcome. (this was only 1 of two carts that were this full)

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