Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Well, I had a pretty sweet post prepared tonight all about food and what not, but stupid blogger is not letting me load pics (again!! maybe it is still mad from the last time I called it stupid?...maybe I should stop putting that out there for everyone to read?...honestly, it is probably the fact that I am in Papua New Guinea and we don't have that great of an internet connection...I am sorry blogger, it is not your fault, please forgive me) so I will just do a quick post about sending us packages, since that seems to be the most asked question lately.

Do we want packages sent to us? That is like asking a 5 year old if he wants Santa Claus to visit. We would certainly love and appreciate any mail that we receive from America, and since people keep asking me what exactly they should send, I thought I would post a list here. Consider this my list to Santa, and no I will not be sitting in your lap. Your welcome.

Here is our list of needs- (meaning we need them, but cannot get them in the country)

Bug spray
(we can get some, but not many)
Hair things for the girls (ponytail holders, clips, etc...dear southern friends, please do not send bows bigger than their heads, they would just wilt and mold here)
Decaf coffee
Toys for the girls
(not a lot of toys here)
Duct tape
Coloring/activity books for the girls

Here is a list of wants/fun things if anyone is interested in that-

Haribo gummy bears
peanut butter m&ms
hershey's bars with almonds
(it would be nice for at least the inside of my mouth to be cold)
brownie mix
cookie mix
jello and pudding mixes
anything else that you think would be fun

There are a few non food items that might be fun to get every once in a while like-

Christian music CDs. (we don't want to come back and be those people in church who only know, "Lord I Lift Your Name on High)
DVDs (for the love of Pete somebody send me the last Harry Potter and Twilight movies when they come out, and for the love of Pete nobody judge me for watching Harry Potter or Twilight)
Board Games (we know these are expensive, so all you yard sellers out there, keep your eye out for used ones- we will not be picky)
Thank you cards or neutral cards (you can't them here, and it is nice to be able to write notes to other missionaries)

Alrighty, well that is all I can think of right now. I am sure that in about six months I will have a lot more stuff that I am missing, craving, and crying for and I will have no shame in posting again!

If you would like our address, just comment here or on facebook and I will send it to you. I was told that it is never wise to put your address on the internet, even if you live in Papua New Guinea.

There are two ways to ship. One is by boat. It takes 6 months. The Post Office will tell you it takes 1 month. To quote another missionary here, "Their computer lies." This is totally fine if you are not sending perishable food items. The other way is by air and it takes 2 weeks to 1 month (again they will tell you like 8 to 10 days or something, but that also is a lie), but that way is really expensive. So, there you have it. All you ever wanted to know about packages. I have to tell you too, though, that even just getting a letter or card would really be nice for us- especially when we get to the tribe and have no internet!


  1. It's so funny, because after reading about your rice, I Thomas and I talked about sending a care package. Please send me your address.

  2. Please send us your address Jessi, so we can get a package together for our dear friends!!! We love you guys very much and Jessi you look beautiful!

  3. Jessi,

    Please send me your address. Dace & I would like to send you'll a goodie box !!
    My email address is leosladylion@gmail.com. Take care...

    Love you'll,

    Debbie crawley

  4. It's not just you overseas. Blogger wasn't letting me load pictures either.

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  6. please send address to thatvalentine@gmail.com