Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why I am a terrible missionary...

1. Because I like Harry Potter, but have a plan if I ever get caught coming out of the theater after watching it. I will just say, "I am about to move to a place where witchcraft is commonly practiced and I am just doing research."

2. Because even though I don't curse, I think it is really funny when people use the first letter of a curse word instead of the actual word. I know it is a euphemism and the meaning is the same. Still funny.

3. Because I hate homeschooling, am a terrible teacher, and secretly wish I could send my kids to Hogwarts....for research of course.

4. Because I am still trying to figure out how to get my air conditioner to the tribe with me.

5. Because if I have to cross this in order for people to hear the Gospel, well, they just aren't going to hear. Not gonna lie.

6. Because I hate flying, especially with 3 young children, and I know that everyone else on the plane with me hates me flying with 3 young children.

7. Because I own a Britney Spears cd.

8. Because I just told you that I own a Britney Spears cd.

***Side note*** Speaking of Britney Spears, I think Justin Bieber is proof that the feminist movement has come a long way. Now teenage boys are being inappropriately marketed as sex symbols and not just teenage girls.

8. Because of shameless plugs like this one..

9. Because I only have 3 kids.

***another side note*** Speaking of having a lot of kids, who wants to take a poll as to whether or not the Duggars are going to go for an even 20?? And speaking of TLC shows, I used to watch Jon and Kate plus 8, but that was when it was still "Jon and Kate" plus 8 and before they got rich and famous and completely lost their minds. I think the fact that I stopped watching should go in a list called "Why I am a good missionary."

Ok, I have gotten way off track here, but I just thought I would share all my shortcomings with you. Thank goodness for the fact that when we are weak, He is strong!


  1. hey.. you should post the link of your china birth story/testimony... if you can handle that, pretty sure you can handle anything PNG throws your way ;) i also wanted to share your story with a friend, but didnt want to botch the details and get it all wrong. i enjoy reading your blog. keep the posts coming!

  2. Ahhh, it's refreshing to hear a missionary admit their weaknesses. We all have them so thanks for being honest.

  3. I lurve your for being REAL! When we were in the non-denominational church you never got to really know anyone. They were all super Christians even when they slept. Since we've been in the Methodist church the last 5 years, it's been encouraging to meet people who will say "hey, I struggle with _____ but I love the Lord."

    So, why I am a terrible preacher's wife... I love the real housewives of Atlanta. It somehow is nostalgic of the ghetto I grew up with at Goodwyn and Lee :)

  4. HA HA HA HA Michelle!! I totally agree!!! Everytime I see commercials for The Real Housewives of Atlanta (I don't have cable) I think, well, I could probably relate to them more than the housewives of any other city!