Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Quick Update

JM had his appointment today, and we really didn't learn anything new. They did some blood work, and the Dr. talked us through each option and explained everything in detail, which helped a lot. Two things that gave us a little hope was that he told us that people who do a lot of bush hogging and people who work with birds are more prone to histoplasmosis, and that he thought whatever was causing the lymph nodes to be enlarged has been going on for a while. This is good news to us, because while we were in Missouri JM was on the grounds crew at the Missionary Training Center and cut grass everyday. The place is also covered in goose poop. He started having constant allergy/respiratory problems while we were there and ended up with pneumonia in May. The few people we have heard of that have had histoplasmosis have also had pneumonia. We are still praying that this is what he has, as it will be the quickest to cure. We should hear back in about a week from his blood work, which will tell us if he has histoplasmosis.
We are still waiting to hear when he will be scheduled for the biopsy, but it should be early next week. We did find out that, as crazy as it sounds, it would probably be better for him to have lymphoma over sarcoidosis. Lymphoma can be treated and cured whereas sarcoidosis is a lifelong condition that could potentially keep us from being able to serve overseas...

That hurt just to write. We hope and pray that is not the case. It is our dream, our life's goal to be missionaries. To go to the ends of the earth. To bring the Gospel to those who have no access to it. But we know that God is in this and He directs our steps. We know that He does not need us. He could send another couple, a neighboring tribe, He could make the rocks cry out. But we pray that He still desires to use us, because we desire to be used by Him. We know that we must also be willing to be used in whatever way He asks- even if it means staying stateside. We have to put our desire to be overseas missionaries in His hands, and be willing to accept whatever His will is for us. That sounds strange doesn't it? Usually you hear of people placing their desires for "the American dream" in His hands and sacrificing those dreams and goals in order to be missionaries. But it works both ways. God's ultimate desire is that we believe and obey Him- no matter what. I think of the many wonderful missionaries at the Training Center who are now serving Stateside due to health or political problems in their respective countries. Most still desire to be overseas, but are submitting to the Father's will for their lives and ministry- even if it is not what they planned or even what they thought God had planned for them.

So, as you pray for us, we ask that you pray that JM just has histoplasmosis, but also that we would be willing to accept the Lord's will, no matter what. Please also pray for the financial aspect of all this. We are not sure about our insurance with all of it, so pray that the Lord would provide for all the tests and treatment, as debt from medical bills could also delay us from leaving.

Psalm 29:11 has helped me today-
"The LORD gives strength to his people;
the LORD blesses his people with peace."

and Peace. Thank you Lord for giving us both today.


  1. Hi, I'm a new reader. My dad (who also spends a lot of time outdoors and doing yard work) had histoplasmosis in 2008, but we didn't know what it was until after he had lung surgery to remove the mass. We were told for several months beforehand that he probably had cancer. (He's fine now.) So I have a lot of sympathy for what you're all going through, and I'm praying!

  2. Thanks Brenda! It is very comforting to hear other stories that are similar! It gives us hope! :)

  3. We will lift you up and pray as you have asked. Lovin the blog!! Laughed like crazy over the earlier (Dec) posts!!! You guys take care & keep us informed!! Love!!!