Saturday, December 18, 2010

6 years...

Six years ago today. JM married this girl...

She was just sitting there, bored looking, skinny, tan, well-rested. Why wouldn't he marry her? Before 3 kids and many sleepless nights gave her dark circles under her eyes. Before pregnancy gave her stretch marks and melasma. Before two c- sections caused her abdominal muscles to atrophy. I mean look at this couple? Aren't they attractive? I wish I could tell them not to worry. In six years, you will still love each other, and have lots of fun together. In six years you will be getting ready to move for the 2,389th time. You are getting ready to move across the world...for the second time. Don't worry, you have already lived in 2 different countries and 3 different States. AND, you have three kids...three daughters. I know, I know, that last part sounds scray, but relax, you won't have any more after that! :)

Actually, I am pretty sure that if I told that girl all that, she would have run away crying. She was a little high strung. She was also a little stupid. She thought it was better to spend her money on tanning rather than on food. Yeah, I think if I could talk to her now, I would simply tell her, "Eat a donut, honey, you don't know what you are missing."

I like the girl in this picture much better. She is a little jigglier, a little whiter (ok, a lot whiter) but she is a lot happier. Thanks JMGJ for making me a wife, mother, and better person. I love you!

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  1. You do not know me, but our husbands are connected via the internet. We are missionaries in Okinawa. We have been praying for your family. God bless you.