Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I am not an angry blogger

I wanted to be. I had full intentions on my next post being an angry post, but God did not want that for me... or you, so he humble and convicted me, and I am sure you are grateful. I know it has been a long time since I have posted, but I have been at the doctor, literally, everyday since that last post. You see, we are currently working on our third phase of paper work to get our visas for PNG. This phase is mostly medical tests to prove that we don't have TB, HIV, meningitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, the plague, the flu- both bird and swine, botulism, eczema, chicken pox, stephens- johnsons syndrome, erectile dysfunction, pre- menstrual syndrome, irritable bowl syndrome, hot dog fingers, count choculitis, etc. etc. etc. It has been a pain, but at least we know we are healthy. We also thought it was going to be very expensive, but God is good and always provides for us! The costs have been a fraction of what they are supposed to be! PRAISE JESUS!

This leads me to why I was going to write this angry post. You see, a certain someone that we know had a conversation with someone else about tribal ministry and what it costs. This missionary (we'll call him "Joe Missionary") was telling this other guy (we'll call him Sam Sacrifice) about the costs of the solar panels and appliance systems in a tribal missionary's house. When Joe Missionary told Sam Sacrifice the costs of these systems, Mr. Sacrifice asked, "wow, couldn't you just give up some things and not have as much?" as he pulled out his iphone to tweet about how missionaries should be willing to give up more. Really? These missionaries (myself included) are going to live in the middle of the jungle and have solar panels to power the bare minimum, have a bucket flush toilet, and have NO AIR CONDITIONING, but we should be willing to give up more??

See, that sounded angry didn't it? I was planning on writing a lot more when I found out that my 3 little girls had to have blood drawn for HIV tests. You see, I have a very hard time watching them go through medical stuff. I knew it would freak them out and they would not understand why we were doing this to them, but thankfully the Lord took care of them and provided us with some numbing cream through my Mother-in-law the pediatric nurse, so it didn't hurt. I am very thankful because I would have literally passed out in the doctor's office if I had to watch them scream and cry through that! I also got really angry thinking about Mr. Sacrifice's comment when I thought about how much money we were spending just to get this stuff done, but the
Lord provided, and reminded me that I have nothing to be angry about.

The truth is, we SHOULD be willing to give up more. Jesus told the rich young ruler to sell ALL his possessions, to come and follow Him- not just some of them. All believers should be willing to give up everything- whatever He asks, to be obedient to Him. No matter how much I think I am giving up, if He asks me to live with less, I will. I can choose to be content knowing that He knows what is best for me, and what will bring him the most glory. Amen.

So, here it is. The not-so-angry post. After all, if I end up in a place like this, what in the world will I have to complain about?? :)

Yes, this in an actual photo, from an actual place where actual NTM missionaries serve in PNG. If the Lord called me to "suffer" here, I would do so gladly.

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