Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Update on the Measles Outbreak

This is the latest email from Susan in Hewa:

"Wow, we are almost done with our village!!!! Wahoo!!!!!  For the first day, we have had no new cases from our village!!!!! (this means the people that we regularly live with. Our closest friends and most are believers)  I have treated over 70 now!!  The last two days I have had about 10 more cases but it is mild like maybe their vaccination worked for them somewhat.  It is so weird!  Those 10 are getting the bumps and fevers at night but they are running around during the day.  That doesn't happen with the measles so it must have to do with the fact that they got their immunizations two weeks ago today. 

Emu is on his way with 5 kids that have been sick with the measles for a week.  He came the day before yesterday to say he couldn't bring them across the river because it was swollen (water levels were too high) but our village explained the seriousness of the sickness so he went back to get them.  Some of our village men left this morning to help him get across the river with the children.  Pray for these 5 kids.  They will be very sick.

Konef is still fighting. He still could die.  He has liver damage from the illness which is a complication that adults can get.  He keeps fighting though.  We have Upe, Konef, Malawam and Biyaifa in the church now.  It has been turned into a sick ward (Emu's family will be there tonight as well).  There is a fire pit in the center too.  I am more able to monitor their health having them so close.  Emiyas' family is in the house sick and Ofa is in that little room near the house sick.  Everyone is afraid of sleeping in a house with a fire since their kids got so sick.  They finally get it that putting a feverish kid next to the fire is not healthy.  Emiyas realizes that the smoke filled house was making it harder for her Abraham to breathe. 

Right now, before the Emu group comes, Konef is the only one that could die.  The rest will pull through.  Upe is pretty bad but I still think he will pull through. 

This is a different village right now.  People are all working together to keep everyone alive.  For the first time ever, the people realize the importance of making sure people eat and drink while they are sick.  It is so wonderful to see them pushing fluids and food.  It used to be only me doing that!  Praise the Lord!  

Yesterday was the first time we saw people no longer so shell shocked.  They actually got out the ball and played.  It was the most amazing feeling, I can't explain… 

Thank you again for everyone who has been praying. Please keep the ones who are still sick in your prayers. I will list their names and pictures here...

Konef is the father in this picture. Susan is still worried for his life. Please pray for him.

These are the three teens who are currently ill, staying in the church that has been converted into a "hospital" right now...




Please also be in prayer for the group that is coming. It is always very dangerous for our people when outsiders come in and die.

Again, thank you so much for showing your love to these people through prayer!

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