Thursday, August 7, 2014

First Day

So the first day of school turned out ok. Everyone survived. It was touch and go there for me at first, but in the end I pulled through.

Here they are getting ready to leave...

I took them into their classrooms and they were not scared at all. Both were just happy to be there. I am praising the Lord for this, because if they asked even once to go back home I would have taken them right back out the door.

Then I got a this pic and a good update from this amazing angelic being named Amy, who is now my favorite person in the world!!

But I need you to be honest. Look closely at the kids in the background of this picture. Have you seen any of their faces in a mug shot before? Look closely now...does it look like any of them are hiding a shiv??? Don't sugar coat anything. I'd rather know now, honestly.

At the end of the day they all ended up back in my van just inches away from me where they belong. They were very happy with the whole "first day of school" experience and Lucy's teacher even called me just to tell me that she had a good day, so she obviously will be teacher of the year and if not, then we all know it's because of politics and nepotism...probably both.

*On a very serious and completely unrelated note, please pray for the Hewa people as we have just found out that the measles are going around and one child has already died. Susan is currently waiting on vaccines that will supposedly cover five villages of people. Please pray that the vaccines come in quickly and that there are no more deaths!*

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