Saturday, August 23, 2014


This is just a quick update to let you all know that all of the most critical children made it through the night!!! PRAISE JESUS!!!

I cannot express enough how much it meant to us to have so many people praying and asking others to pray on behalf of these babies who are so precious to their precious to us!

Please continue to lift them up as they will be weak for sometime. Pray that they don't get malaria or other infections as I cannot imagine that their little bodies can take much more.

Please also specifically pray for little Ablaham. He is only four months old, and will take time to recover fully.

Here is the email from Susan. I wanted you all to read it and know what you were a part of!!!!

"Well little Abraham is still alive!  His mom is such a great mom so that has been a huge relief.  If it was any other mom, little Abraham would not have gotten as much care.  She is so tuned into what is going on with him. That has been such a huge help.  Today we are noticing slight progress.  For him to recover from what his body went through would be a miracle… but today we have seen slight recovery so we are pleased. 

Great news about Maria's little one. (
Jeni- pictured in the previous post)  No more fever finally!!!!  Also she is eating.  Now that was a miracle! 

Other great news is that I only had one new case yesterday and none today.  That means we are at the tale of it for our tribe.  Praise the Lord.  On Wednesday it will have been 2 weeks since their inoculations so I don't expect any new sicknesses from our village after that…. unless the injections were not viable for whatever reason.

This morning I had many little ones turn that crucial corner.  That gives me great joy.  I just love the precious look on the parents face when I say 'he or she is now on the road to recovery, I don't need to see you anymore unless they suddenly get worse."

Anyway, I am happy and can't thank you enough for getting so many to pray.  I saw a lot of miracles today!!!   



  1. We praise the Lord with you and with the parents of the children, hope they make a complete recovery.

  2. We're still praying over here in Georgia USA. Praise the Lord for His mercy!