Thursday, August 28, 2014

More Good News!

I am just completely overwhelmed at the beautiful thing that God is doing with this horrible situation in Hewa.

We all keep praying for the seriously ill by name and the next morning they are better.

I know that God could have and could still allow some to die, and He would still be God. And He would still be good.

But...right now he is blessing us...all of us...You, Me, the Hewa People...with this gift of love and mercy. He is allowing us to all be connected to each other, through Him in a unique and powerful way. Through prayer. Through simple communication with the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe.

Here is the latest from Susan. The names in red are the ones you have prayed for...

"Konef took a turn for the better last evening around 6 pm.  I was quite surprised to see him walking around.  From afar I saw he was dressed in new clothes and my first thoughts were, 1) I felt so bad for not reminding him that I would come to him with the medicines since he was so sick and 2) he must be dressing nice so that he has his good clothes on in the grave (this is a regular custom).  When I got up closer he said, ' I am just walking around so that I can get some exercise'.  I was shocked!  Then when I was talking to a new lady about her child's measles, he came up and began to interpret for me. (there are several different dialects in Hewa. Konef was interpreting for someone who speaks a different dialect than Susan who is fluent in another dialect of the Hewa language)  This was shocking!  He was so sick earlier that morning that he couldn't even hear us talk, and also he was so sick earlier that there was no way he could think of anything else but surviving but here he was interpreting for me!  I was over joyed! 

Anyway, all the others that were so sick are now doing much better.  Maria's little girl
(Jeni) took some steps yesterday but is not strong enough so she stumbled.  Upe is walking very little but he is NOT sleeping all day now and he is eating and drinking well.  Anyway, what I am saying is our tribe is fine now!!!
Emu brought his 6 sick nieces and nephews.  Two are sick enough that they could die.  Pray for those two now.  One is 2 years old and skin and bones.  He has been sick for a while but they didn't bring him until last night.  He looks scary like Maria and Emon's little girl
(Jeni) did.  Their 4 year old is also very sick.  That age often recovers though. 
It is nice having all the super sick there in the church but at the same time, noisy!!!  They love having a light on all night and it seems everyone wants to gather and 'shoot the breeze' late into the morning!  I really don't mind too much as I enjoy seeing life come back to our village again.  Thankfully, the sick are able to sleep right through it…such is their culture. 

Three have died in Fiyawana
(another Hewa village- you may recognize the name if you've read Jonathan's book Canopy of Darkness) so far.
Nobody has died in our neck of the woods yet though. "
Thank you everyone who is praying. I hope that you are as blessed by by this as I am. I hate that I don't know the names of the little ones who are so sick now or have their pictures. They are not from our village, so I may not have even met them. But God knows their names and He sees their faces. Please continue to pray for them. And pray that they see the love of God through the believers in our village. Emu lives close to our village and visits from time to time, but is not a believer. Please pray that God will soften his heart through this situation.

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  1. I made the mistake of removing your blog's bookmark from my browser bar and putting it into a folder entitled "friends' blogs," which I now never look at because they are no longer right in front of my eyeballs. I let the whole summer get away from me and didn't read your blog once, and now I have spent the past few weeks trying to catch up. And what a summer! Your return home on one side, and then the witch trials and measles outbreak back in the tribe! There have been times that I was so emotional from reading the stories and updates all at once, I had to stop and come back to it at a later time. But I am so thankful that your friends and Christ family back in PNG are doing better, and I am praising God with you for the mercy and healing he has brought!