Friday, January 13, 2012

Why do you call him 3N1?

I wrote here about the tribal people giving my husband a name when we got to Bush Orientation. But apparently everybody missed this one because I have had a bunch a people ask me why I call him 3N1 including my mom who supposedly reads my blog religiously. Ha ha, mom! You are caught! Just kidding. Anyway, just in case you missed it, his new name is 3N1 because he has 3 first names. That joke translates to any language and culture. And here they just happen to have this little instant coffee drink called "3N1" because it has the coffee, cream, and sugar all in one.

They called him 3N1 all the time. I am not sure that they even knew what those 3 first names were. They prayed for us in church as the "3N1 family". They thanked us over a PA system at the independence day festivities as the "3N1 family". When people came to visit and I asked who they wanted to see, they would answer "3N1". So, there you go. That is why I call him 3N1. The tribal people did it first and it stuck.


  1. Okay, smartie--just where is the blog that you posted the first story of 3N1????? I can't find it on the list; can you? Just kidding; I know you were kidding. Mom

  2. Mom, if you click on the word "here" in the first sentence it will take you to that post.