Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cabin Fever

I have had a serious case of cabin fever lately. I actually get a little stir crazy quite often here because it isn't exactly safe for a woman to go to town to shop or do anything else by herself here in Wewak. It is not any more dangerous probably than going shopping alone in Jackson, Mississippi, its just that here you are a big target...easy to pick out of a crowd if you know what I mean. NTM has a rule that at least 2 ladies have to go together to town. Even with 2 ladies 3N1 was very nervous about me going to town without him or another guy to look out for us. So, I always have to go with my husband and we always have to take our kids. And there is no Wal-mart here. Just a bunch of little stores that all carry different things. So, suppose you need 5 different probably have to go into 5 different places to get them. Which means we hear a lot of "Mom, I'm too hot!" "Mom, my legs are tired of walking!" "Mom, I'm tired of people pinching my cheeks!" and by then end of the trip we usually get home with only half the things we needed. And I am ready to ship my kids back to America (since everyone we met before we left asked us, "Your not taking your kids with you, are you?" in a very judgmental, you must be crazy, sort of tone, I don't think anyone would be surprised or care).

So, most days I just stay home while 3N1 does all the shopping in town. And most days it works out (even though he forgets the list I make him almost half the time, but he has gotten pretty good at knowing what we need for the week, so he rarely comes home with weird or crazy stuff). And again, it is not like he is going to Wal-mart where no wife is surprised when her husband comes home with war DVDs, some fishing lures, and a box of cookies when she sent him to the store for only toilet paper.

But all this to say, that I am getting a little tired of being locked inside the gate here on our mission base. I think it has really escalated since I hurt my rib and have had to convalesce for a week. (I am truly thankful that it turned out to be only a week and not the 4-6 that it would have been had my rib been broken).

Now, my husband has seen my pain and decided to buy me a stun gun so he would feel more comfortable letting my go around with just ladies. The only thing I have to do now is learn how to drive on the opposite side of the road. So yeah...look out Wewak Town! I am not sure which is scarier bad guys or me driving and wielding a stun gun???

Anyway, here is a picture to prove that I was going a little batty while being stuck inside...yes, that is my baby...with markers...that I gave to her...and no, it was not a good idea...


  1. I don't see any tatoos like Lucy gave herself at that age (or maybe it was a little older.

  2. that is because I was watching her...but I was not fast enough to keep her from biting huge chunks out of them! :(