Thursday, January 5, 2012

Chores and Thanks

I have never ever ever attempted to be "Supermom". I know better. So, while I was studying Pidgin, I knew that something had to give. I was in this new life with a lot less modern conveniences but still had to take care of my little family. As much I would have liked to stop cooking, my family still had to eat, so all my cleaning projects took the biggest hit. I do have a lady that comes to help me clean twice a week, but she was mostly hired to help me learn Pidgin, so by the time we were done with our language sessions, she pretty much only had time to hang out my laundry and sweep and mop for me. Even those small things were a huge help, though.

Now, however, I have been looking around too see exactly how disgusting my house really is. I spent the last week trying to at least make a dent in mounds of cobwebs, dust, and mold. Gross.

Anyway, it just got me thinking about how different house cleaning really is here, and how many more added chores I have, that are let's just face it....really annoying.

Here is one. Cleaning the windows. They are just screens to let air in, but that also lets all kinds of dust and mold and other disgusting things in. Oh, how I miss the days of a bottle of windex and paper towels!

I also hate having to defrost our freezer. EVERY. TWO WEEKS.

And clean the gecko poo off of everything. I mean seriously guys, you defecate like rabbits, yet you are a fraction of the size? I will never understand.

And then there's this. I know it sounds dumb and lazy to hate to fill up your water filter, but until you have lived in a world where you cannot just turn on the tap and drink the water, you do not understand. The worst in when you forgot to fill up the filter and you have company coming and now everyone gets to wait 30 minutes before you can serve them something to drink!

And do I really need to mention my frustrations with the laundry again? No? I didn't think so.

Now add on to all of that having to make everything from scratch. Like yogurt...and cereal...and bread. And then having to wash all those dishes from scratch cooking and it makes for a pretty busy day. And I haven't even talked about homeschooling yet. So, getting really fun packages with cereal in them aren't just for "luxury". They really help a mama out.

So, thanks to everyone who has sent us packages! Its not just the cereal that helps out. All those little things from the States just seem to make our lives a little easier. And you know that is what being a missionary is all about. Living an easy, cushy life. :)

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