Friday, April 8, 2011


I have recently been complaining to everyone that I have nothing to write about. I have been whining and sulking about that fact that we are STILL here in America, and I started this blog called "Tribal Wife" and have been thinking that I should change the name to "Schizophrenic Wife" because all that has happened in our lives has me walking a very fine line between stressed and psychotic.



We are officially leaving on May 4th. We are very very very excited. We are also very very very sad to be leaving all our friends and family. In fact, we just returned from our tour of Mississippi and Alabama to tell our loved ones goodbye. I did really well in holding it together until last night. Last night, when I realized that I would not return to the state of my birth and upbringing again for 4 years and would not see the people who surrounded said birth and upbringing again for 4 years, I lost it. I cried into my pillow until I heard the seven month old in the room stir in her bed, and I pulled it together real quick like because, let's just get honest, I needed a good night's sleep more than I needed a good cry.

I really do love being a missionary, and I have a feeling that even though I know there are difficult days ahead, I will love PNG. The only thing that could make this day more perfect is if everyone that I love and am close too, would tell me that they too have purchased plane tickets to New Guinea for May 4th. I may or may not have even been checking several people's facebook statuses to see if they were announcing this big news as well. So far, no luck. But there is still time, people. There is still time. I have already figured out how I am going to get my mom there...

I told you in the last post that my mom loves Ireland. My mom also loves sea turtles. She loves sea turtles almost as much as she loves Ireland. So mom, there you go. I expect a call in the next few days telling me you have purchased your tickets. The rest of you beware. I am coming up with a plan of attack that will get ALL of you to PNG with me soon! MUUHAHAHAHAHA!

All sinister laughter aside, we love you dear precious friends and family, and will miss you terribly, but on May 4th- we are out of here suckazzzzz!!!

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  1. Exciting! Y'all are constantly in my prayers. Love you and can't wait to read about all that God is doing through you.