Friday, April 22, 2011

The last date

JMG and I just went on our last alone date. Probably for the next 4 years. We went to our favorite restaurant and then stayed in a nice hotel for the night. (I know what you are thinking. Stop it right now. I am embarrassed. Seriously, stop it! Now I am blushing. Ok, I will just say this...things can't get too romantic when one party has to bring their breast pump along...end of story) You see we have been staying with my in- laws for the last few weeks. In their house the thermostat is set on 80 degrees and the TV is constantly on NCIS. We love them, but we wanted to get at least one more night in air conditioning and watch our favorite TV shows in peace. I know that sounds a little stupid. Most marriage counselors suggest that couples not have TVs in their bedrooms, but for us it is a treat to get to watch TV together. We love TV. A little too much probably, but we don't care. In fact, we think it is quite fitting that our last night of watching "The Office" will also be Steve Carell's last show. It is the end of an era.

Anyway, it was nice to be able to spend some time as husband and wife before our lives get completely turned upside down. This is only the second time we have gone away and spent the night without our six years. I know that sounds crazy and people probably wonder how we are still married, but because of the nature of our jobs we get to spend way more time together than most couples do. In fact, I am sure that most of JMG's friends think I am the coolest wife ever since I "let" him have "guys" nights all the time. But, he isn't away from the house 40 hours a week like most other husbands, and I will just be honest and say that I might need a night or two to watch chick flicks and eat chocolate without someone telling me exactly what is going to happen next because "these movies are so predictable". Back to the point. We get to spend a lot of time together, and that is a good thing. I mean I know our kids are there, but we like our kids, so it is not that big a deal to us. Plus, I have a tiny panic attack every time they leave my side, so that is not something I would like to experience on a regular basis. But it looks like they had a good time without us...

I do not know what I was worried about.

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