Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Baby

I have done a lot of thinking, planning, preparing and worrying about my kids' adjustment to life in PNG. I think...hope...pray they will love it. I realized today that I will have to go through the same thing in 4 years with this precious baby when we come back here. She will remember nothing about America. She will probably experience some serious culture shock when she comes home. Actually, she will probably call New Guinea "home" and request repeatedly to go back. She will be perplexed as to why all the kids her age are wearing clothes, and will probably be terrified of the TV. Weird... Isn't she precious, though? And look at that cute diaper!

One thing I love about being a missionary is that it has taught me to be very thrifty. I shop almost entirely at yard sales, consignment sales and craigslist. I have learned to make all my household cleaners, and I use cloth diapers! Let me just tell you ladies that cloth diapers have come a LOOOOOOONNNGGG way! My friend Becky makes these, and she is quite the cloth diaper genius. I started using cloth diapers when we moved to the MTC and started living entirely on support. I liked it, but there were always little things about each diaper I tried that bothered me. Becky, was my neighbor at the time (and actually the one who got me into cloth diapering in the first place) and apparently fixed every problem that I had with other cloth diapers already on the market. I know that only a few of you who read this blog cloth diaper, so the rest of you can ignore this part, but for those of you who do...

Silly Willy Manilly... Try them! You will love them! They are trim, super absorbent, super soft, and really cute! Plus they dry in ONE dryer cycle! (Seriously, I was drying my bumgenius diapers like 3 times!) Plus, Becky is a really nice person. My husband calls her a "hippie". But she is not like a real hippie who doesn't shower, has dreadlocks, wears tie dyed t-shirts with The Grateful Dead bears on them, and smokes marijuana. She is a Christian mom who loves her family and wants to raise them naturally and healthy???...healthily??...healthfully???(how would you correctly say that??), and does so without being weird in the process. ***again, this is an untainted review. Becky is my friend, so her success makes me happy, but I am in no other way being rewarded for this post***

Anyway, sorry if that review was not relevant to you, but I have just become obsessed with these diapers and had to share! (I realize that being obsessed with something that my child defecates in is strange. I have issues. I know.)


  1. I am all about it whenever we have kids!

  2. Love her diapers! They are super soft and super absorbent! I totally agree with your review :)

  3. I know right?? They are the best diapers I have tried so far and I have tried A LOT!! :)