Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A day of lasts...

It is the last day of August.

The last day we will be a family of four.

Her last day as the baby.

My last day of pregnancy...ever.

I spent the day doing fun things with the girls. We went to the pool as you can tell, and we went to get cupcakes at Gigi's Cupcakes. If you have never been there. Please go. Right now. Stop reading this blog and go get a cupcake for the love of all that is sweet and sugary and fattening! Anyway, I had JM take this picture at the end of the day just so I could have a record of my very last day of pregnancy ever, and I wondered if it would make me sad. Looking at though, it makes me very happy. I am glad that I will never have to see my belly that huge again (hopefully) and not have to see the "pregnancy mask" on my face that leaves a big dark line across my lips and cheeks making my face look like a villain from an old silent movie. If you saw that picture and got scared that I would tie you to railroad tracks, I don't blame you. Hopefully, that will go away after I have this baby. If not, I will be calling my friend Dawn who sells some miracle beauty products for Aloette and begging for something!

Again, a day of lasts, but a great day none the less. Spending a day with Lu and Mae for the sole purpose of having fun was exactly what I needed before having this next precious daughter. They reminded me how much fun having little girls really is and how much I enjoy being a mother. This day also made me so unbelievably thankful to Jesus for allowing me to have a job where I get to serve Him and have my kids right alongside me the whole time. I feel very blessed that I get to spend so much time with them while they are so little because every day I watch them grow and learn and become less and less dependent on me. This day made me treasure every giggle, mispronounced word, funny grammatical error, and even every little tear. I love these girls and every minute I get to spend with them, and I am excited to add one more to the mix, because after today, I know she can only make it better. Anyway, here are some more pictures of our day...if you were on the fence about going to Gigi's before...this will help.

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  1. Aww how fun! I've been praying for you today, can't wait to see Mia!