Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why you should read this blog...

At church last night, I had several people ask me if we were living without air conditioning to prepare for the tribe. Then someone asked if I was purposefully letting my kids get stung by bees also in preparation for the tribe. I said, "NO!!" of course, and they answered, "Well, that is what we heard." I then realized that they heard it here. On this blog. Someone else read it and told them about it. But as we all know from childhood games of "telephone" that message gets convoluted the further from the source it gets. If you read my post on "preparing slowly" I talked about ANOTHER family turning their air conditioning off in preparation to go to Africa and the fact that we were spending a lot of time outside, so naturally myself, my husband, and my kids were getting stung by all kinds of insects. There. Record straight. I knew that anyone who actually read this blog would know that I, of all people, would not be turning my air conditioning off. I believe I already have about 1 million references to my love for it, and how I will not be separated from it until we are ripped apart by thousands of miles. Even then I will write it letters. And skype with it everyday. Anyway...

I would like to continue to make comments about my "list". Please notice that this was mentioned as a need on there...I do not currently have one, but I do dream about them frequently. Now I HAVE to HAVE one. I am pretty sure they will not let me into New Guinea without one. That is what that list said right? That is what I thought. I know it talked about it being a big power user but that it was worth all that power in the time it saves. Did I mention yet that all our electricity will come from solar panels? We will be living the ultimate "green" life. Oprah should have us on her show to give tips. We had a whole class on how to save the precious energy we will get from the sun. Move over Al Gore.

Speaking of saving energy, did you notice that this contraption was not on the list? I will not miss this thing. In fact, it is only a necessary evil in my life right now and I will be glad to be rid of the stupid thing. I know my hair will look terrible all the time, but it is going to always be in a ponytail, so who cares! I hate my hair dryer. It is the reason my hair is short, I can spend as little time with it as possible. The end.

And now speaking of hair...unfortunately this was on the list. I wish I did not have to worry about packing this one for a few years, but thanks to my Father's early graying gene...I will be packing it. LOTS of it. While I am ok with having my hair in a ponytail all the time. I am not ok with having a gray ponytail at 28 years old. I wonder how I get a case of Clairol Perfect 10 in Dark Brown? Do I just ask Wal-Mart for all they have? Sams? Costco? Do I have to order online? Hmmm. I am gonna have to check into that. It will be vital for my ministry. Call me vain, or whatever you want. No one is perfect.

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