Monday, August 9, 2010

Ugly Baby

I had a nightmare last night that I had a VERY ugly baby. In fact, I have been worried about it ever since I came across this picture. I am sorry, if it gives you all nightmares as well. The scariest thing of all is that this ugly baby is...ME! I complain a lot that my kids don't look like me. I will no longer be doing that. Thank you, Jesus that both of my kids look like my husband, and not like this hideous creature. My own mother said I looked like Muhammad Ali. Not kidding. Wish I was.

Anyway, it reminded me of a story one of the staff ladies at the MTC told us. She warned us that the tribal women will sometimes try to stir stuff up between you and your co-workers. She told us that in the tribe where she was the women would come to her house and tell her that her co-worker called her baby ugly and stuff like that. Now, she knew better of course. First of all because she loved her co-worker. They were close friends and she knew this lady was sweet, and kind and loved the Lord and would never call her baby ugly. Second, even if she was not sweet and kind and did think her baby was ugly, she would not tell it to a tribal woman who she knew would tell everyone what she said. This staff lady just warned us that we are their entertainment. They have no Soap Operas to live vicariously through, so they only have what is in their real lives to entertain them and sometimes they gotta jump in there and create some drama. I guess women are the same everywhere. Some women just love drama. They live and breathe for it. I mean just watch one episode of "The Real Housewives of _____ (wherever, it doesn't matter where they live) and you will see. It is all the same. Actually, do not watch that show. Your IQ will literally drop 10 points after 5 minutes.

Oh well, I guess that is just one more thing to watch out for, "The Real Housewives of PNG" Now that would be a great show! However, if my baby does come out looking like this, and some tribal woman comes to tell me that my co-worker did call my baby ugly. I will just have to tell her, "Yeah, I know... its ok, she is going to have a great personality!"


  1. Jessi, I think you look precious. Now I have seen some ugly babies before-one that literally took my breath away and I could not think of a thing to say-I was sooooo embarrassed! but this picture does not qualify in that category believe me!!

  2. I followed you from over at Diaper Swappers:) Love to follow those that Follow HIM!

    Would love to have you follow back. I have a Rockin' Green giveaway happening now AND an awesome bag that supports a Christian organization saving woman from the sex trade industry in India.

    I look forward to reading about your journey! It sounds amazing so far.