Thursday, May 10, 2012

Donald is Dying

Hi again. Just thought I would write a little update about what has been going around here...

1. My mom came on May 5th, so I have been trying to spend as much time with her as possible since it had been 367 days since I had seen her which has left little time for blogging. I am sure you understand.

2. 3N1 and the other guys from our team are on a 4 day survey trip to check out a tribe to see if it is a good fit for our team (or any other team for that matter) to go into soon. These are exciting times people.

3. On May 9th we celebrated our 1 year anniversary here in PNG. The celebration included doing laundry, scratch cooking, doing dishes from said scratch cooking, my husband packing for a trip, and lots of sweating. Basically, a normal day.

 These are just from breakfast and lunch, people!

4. Last, but most certainly not least is that, Donald my crazy skin rash, is finally dying. Below is a picture of what it looked like a few days ago. Now imagine that all down my stomach and into my belly button. Oh and on my eyelid. Yeah. Donald was kind of a jerk. But I started taking some steroids and now he is finally going away. We also figured out that he came from the juice of a certain type of mango that I carried around, and it is very similar to poison ivy. Apparently a lot of people are allergic to them here. Needless to say- I will not be touching those mangoes ever again!

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  1. I am deathly allergic to mangos and I look like that when I touch them or their leaves. I can eat them just fine, as long as someone else cuts and peals them. Their sap has a latex derivative in them and that is what most people are allergic too. Through the years, my rashes got worse and worse till one time my eyes and throat started to swell shut. Keep your benedryl near.