Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Signs my husband has been gone too long

1. I have started going to bed at 8:30

2. I opened a package of Maggi (Ramen) Noodles, broke them into 4 pieces, sprinkled the seasoning on those pieces and called it "dinner" last night.

3. I called my house "too clean" today.

4. I have 3 dozen eggs in my house because 3N1 is the only one who eats them.

5. I may have developed a crush on the Blue Wiggle.

Dear husband,

I know you are working very hard. I know you are sleeping in the middle of the jungle and eating who knows what. I know you took apart an entire house, only to build it back again in a different place, and I know you call all this "fun", but please come home soon. Please. I am starting to loose my mind, and obviously my sense of what "hot" it.


The Future Mrs. B. Wiggle
Your very devoted wife

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