Friday, March 23, 2012

3N1 goes on a trip...

So here are some highlights of my husband's trip into the jungle to help some missionaries tear their house down and build it back again in a new place...

First they hiked in. It took them 14 hours. Up and down mountains. Over rapids on very shady "bridges". (thank you Jesus for keeping him safe! Sheesh!) **Also, please notice that is a chain saw blade sticking up out of his backpack. 

This guy got a leech in his eye.

This is the missionary house before they tore it down.

This is the rat poop that they found in between the walls. Yes, it is the size of cheese puffs. *So sorry, that you will not be able to eat cheese puffs after reading that. 

Still tearing down the house. Not exactly a "safe and easy" job.

Some of the tribal people there to help. Or to think all these white people are really crazy. 

Bathroom after the house was torn down. Luckily there were no women there yet.

Helicopter loaded with stuff to take to the site of the new house.

Cutting lumber for the new house.  Where is Home Depot when you need it?

Start of the new house.

This is Susan. She is not letting the fact that there is no "laundry room" keep her from doing laundry.

Or the fact that there was no "kitchen" keep her from cooking. She is a hard core Tribal Wife. 

These are sweat flies. They hung around in Biblical Plague proportions.

They got all this up in 4 days.

Ok, so in keeping with the honesty and transparency of this blog, I would like to tell you that the reasons for this post are two-fold. One, to show you all about this trip cause I know as soon as I wrote the words "leech on the eyeball" in the previous post, you were dying to see it. Two, so that maybe you could see some of what building a house in the middle of the flippin jungle is like and maybe you just might want to help some missionaries out who are about to do this for the first time themselves. Those missionaries may or may not include myself and my husband... and we may or may not have some info for you about that. And it may or may not be right here...

You can give online here:

Or you could send a check to:

New Tribes Mission
1000 E. First St.
Sanford, FL 32771
*make check payable to NTM and put "John George- project house" in the memo line

Or you could go to this site and buy some junk:

Or you could just go on reading this blog and not worry about any of that stuff. That is cool too. Just thought I would remind you what we got going on right now. In case all our reminders on this blog, our NTM blog, and both of our facebook pages weren't enough. If this was a tweet, it would end in #overkill.


  1. You are so right, i don't think i'll be eating cheese puff any time soon! Wow, what size were those rats!
    And a leech on his EYEBALL!? You all are heros! Seriously!

  2. Funny, now I want to eat a cheese puff.