Saturday, November 26, 2011

Packages II

I decided that since I cannot add pictures I should take a minute to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has sent us packages!! We have seriously been overwhelmed by everyone's generosity to send us some nice things from home. We know it is not cheap to mail things here!

I also wanted to update on what our needs are. Because of the overwhelming response on packages, we are set for the next 20 years here on certain things (and are very happy about that) Here is a list of the things that we no longer need:

1. Deodorant. We will never be stinky again.

2. Note Cards. I have received lots and lots of these and it is so nice to be able to write encouraging notes to all my co-workers here in PNG.

3. Coloring books, crayons and markers. My kids LOVE these, and will be able to color for the rest of their lives.

4. Spices. I would love to still get these again later, but I have so many now that I am afraid they are going to go bad before I can use them all. My freezer is very very tiny.

With that said, here are some things we are still in need (ok, maybe want to) of:

1. Baby Wipes. They cost $10 USD for a regular package of wipes. Not kidding or exaggerating.

2. We LOVE getting Instant Pudding in a variety of flavors, keep it coming!! (3-N-1 would like for everyone to know that "cheesecake pudding" has been his favorite so far)

3. FIESTA Ranch dressing packets. We got one packet of this and it was life changing.

4. Other salad dressing packets...especially Italian.

5. AA and AAA batteries.

5. Scented candles. Things stink around here.

6. Any kind of junk food from the US. Everything here is weird and tastes a little different. I would love to taste what "real" Cheetos taste like again. Also, I would like to say a big thanks to everyone who has sent chocolate!! It has all made it here fine and was eaten very rapidly.

Kid DVDs. We could never have enough of these.

8. Cereal, any kind. Some awesome friends sent us some Fruit Loops, and there was much rejoicing and eating.

8. Kool-Aid and Crystal light mixes. Any kind.

9. Magazines. "Real Simple" is my favorite along with "Southern Living". But you could also send "People" and "US weekly"...not for me...for a friend of course.

10. Notes from YOU! We love it when there is a note in the box. :)

Feel free to get creative as well. Some sweet ladies sent us a box of birthday party stuff for the girls and it was so great! I didn't have anything like that and now I will have all I need to decorate for fun birthday parties!

Just let me say "thanks again" because it really means so much to know that you went to the trouble of shopping for these things, packing them up, and paying the $13,000,000 that the USPS charges to send things to PNG. We have loved every single item we have received!!!

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