Monday, July 11, 2011

Romeo? Romeo?

Wherefore art thou Romeo? Or more appropriately...Man bilong me i stap we?? My hubby was supposed to be home today...but there was more work than they originally anticipated (or he just wanted one more complete day of not wiping anyone else's hind end) so he will return tomorrow. My neighbor's husband is also gone on this extended excursion into the bush, and apparently some creature has decided that in their absence there is spare room in our apartments and has decided to make himself at home. We have both heard EXTREMELY loud bumping and scratching in about the same place in our shared wall. It is probably just a rat or mouse, but it sounded like one of the worm creatures from the movie Tremors were about to break through the wall. We acted like the mature adult women that we are and ran screaming and ushering all our children out of our homes. Even though our husbands were gone and Kevin Bacon was no where to be found, we quickly found the men who are still on base and let them deal with it. I think all they did was throw some poison around, so the creature will just die up there and then our husbands can deal with the stink when they get home. But the horrible clawing sound is gone, so that is all I care about. All that drama aside...I am really ready for JMGJ to come home. I miss the dude. (which should be evidenced by the excessive blogging)

Normally this time every night we are hanging out in our room and watching Smallville. We don't get real TV here, so we are at the mercy of whatever anyone has on DVD. We found Smallville in the base library, so we started watching it at night as a way to just chill out. The show is pretty cheesy and predictable and we are convinced that soon they will HAVE to run out of ways to almost kill Lana Lang, but we enjoy making fun of it together and somehow the plot has drawn us in, so we are kind of addicted to it. In fact, I am sort of having withdrawals from not watching Lana Lang almost die every night, so last night I dreamed that she was almost eaten by a shark. The show is set in Kansas, so this is highly unlikely, but like I said before they are running out of ways, so we'll see if that dream was prophetic or not.

What a lovely indoor shark tank you have! I hope I don't accidentally get pushed in!

All that aside, I am really glad he got to go. He deserved a little break from all these women he is surrounded by and get some time with the men doing manly things. He likes to work with his hands and do manual labor, so I know he was happy to get the opportunity to help. He was helping some guys take apart a missionary family's house who has moved out of the tribe because the work there is almost finished. There is just one single lady left there finishing up the translation of the New Testament. And, yes, you should all be reading this with dropped jaws in awe of a single the jungle...translating the that a people group can have it in their mother tongue. And yes reading that should make you feel like a complete loser if you made some excuse not to teach that Sunday School class of seventh grade boys because you were afraid for your life. Anyway, it just makes me think about where we will be in 20 years. I hope we can be we will find ourselves in a similar position... having taken God's most important message to a people who have never heard...planted a church among them and seen it through to maturity with its own elders, leaders, and deacons. And translated (the majority of) the Bible into their language, so they can continue to grow and teach the generations that follow the until the return of Christ. That sounds like a dream come true. Like a miracle...a miracle that I hope I get to witness one day.


  1. I LOVE Tremors. And Smallville. I recommend that you stop watching after season 4, because it really should have ended there. :P

  2. Yes, Brenda's right. I'm not sure which season it should've ended exactly, but if you don't stop Smallville by 4 or 5, you get stuck going to the end. I'm down to the final season to watch now.