Friday, July 1, 2011

The Promised Pictures

Sorry it has taken me so long to add the previously mentioned pictures from my trip into the bush...but my stomach problems have taken a very ugly turn and I have had to stay very close to the bathroom. I am on some very strong antibiotics and am praying that they will work! I am tired of only talking about diarrhea all day long. (although, I was told that missionary moms only talk about diarrhea and fungus anyway, so maybe this makes me "official" now). JMG must be official too, since he was complaining to another missionary about how all the mold is wreaking havoc on his sinuses and to which the other missionary replied, "wait until you get fungus growing inside of you nose!" He has been putting neosporin up his nose with a Q-tip every night since. On top of all this Lu had a bug bite that got infected and her whole foot was swollen and we were dealing with that as well...oh and Mia had an ear infection...and Mae had sounds pretty bad, but we are very thankful that it is all minor things and nothing we have to get on a plane and pay big money to go see a doctor about. So, I say all that to say this...Here are you pictures...Enjoy!

Some village houses

Me and my neighbor about to get in the canoe

Kids playing in the wind behind the plane

View from the house we were cleaning

The local hang out

Kid climbing a coconut tree

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  1. Sorry to hear about the tummy troubles, I know how that goes!

    Love the pictures!