Friday, July 15, 2011


For the first time in over 2 months, I am homesick. Don't get me wrong. I have missed my friends and family terribly. I have longed to see them, but I have not longed to be in back in America. I am doing my best to convince my mom and sister that it is in fact, NOT too soon to come visit. But today, I am homesick for America...and I can't get Lee Greenwood out of my head. The reason for my newfound patriotism? Three words: Harry Freakin Potter. (I know this is stupid because Harry is British... just go with me on this one)

It is not just Harry Potter. I mean I am not that obsessed. It is that my hubby's birthday is coming up very soon, and for the past several years the only time we ever go to the movies is on each other's birthdays. And, it so happens that the Harry Potter movies usually always come out around JMGJ's birthday. This year is no different. So, I am a little bummed. Mostly, because we have this tradition and we cannot carry it on anymore. It is the end of an era. And now, I might actually have to think of a gift to buy my husband because I don't know of anything fun to do. On his actual birthday we will be flying to another city in PNG that I have never been to before and know nothing about, so planning anything is very difficult, but gifts are even more difficult. Gifts for him are a huge problem because

1. He is a man.
2. We have limited funds.

Just like every other man in the world, the things that I know he wants that he has not already purchased for himself are very very expensive. This is a universal truth about men. It comes with the testosterone. Women who marry guys for their money get a bad rap when actually they are really only thinking..."Great, this guy has lots of money! So, I will not have to stress every birthday, Christmas, Father's day, Valentines Day, Groundhog Day, etc. when he wants a gun, a boat, a motorcycle, a TV that rivals the Times Square JumboTron, a guitar signed by Eddie Vedder, a golden limousine ..." you get my point. Not that my husband is materialistic or anything. He is just a dude. And dudes dream big...that is also in their testosterone. He wants these things, but only in a "it would be fun, but not important enough to disregard my calling from God to give up all this junk so that other people can hear the Gospel kinda way". That is one of the many reasons that I love this dude, which makes me want really want to give him the stuff he only dreams about. Sigh. It is a vicious cycle. So, you see why Harry Potter is so important to me now. It is about way more than finally seeing He-who-must- not-be-named finally get-what-is-coming-to- him.

So, if anyone has any brilliant ideas about what we could do for a very awesome husband and father on his birthday- I would love to hear them. Just to give you an idea of who he is, so you can give great suggestions: He loves long walks on the beach (with a stick, so he can find and poke stuff), Dancing in the rain (when someone else is doing it so he can laugh at them), Pink shirts (on his daughters only), Vanilla caramel coffee (minus the vanilla and caramel), Lifetime movies (wait, no, that is JMGS), and Taylor Swift (no need for parentheses here this one is true).

Thanks in advance for your help!

P.S. For the record my husband wants everyone to know that he would not actually like a guitar signed by Eddie Vedder, and to stop projecting my "big dreams" on him. Ok, Ok, I get it! Truthfully, he would actually like a guitar signed by Glen Hansard...or Taylor Swift.


  1. Perhaps you could get him a best buy card for every single holiday for the entire time you are there. No he won't be able to spend it, but that's the point. Even at $10 each holiday (V-Day, Father's Day, B-Day, Anniversary & Christmas) that's $50 per year. He could get something cool when he gets back here one day. But, then again, we are talking about a man. So he surely wants instant gratification.

  2. People still get Best Buy cards for Aaron and credit on Amazon and he spends them online! Amazon is especially good for TV shows here! Also, as you are coming here on your birthday, we would LOVE to watch your girls one day so you can go out to one of our very exclusive restaurants! : ) - Stacy

  3. Stacy, can you download from Amazon here?? We were told itunes wouldn't work, so we just assumed Amazon wouldn't either. You are sweet to offer to watch our girls, but you should just come with us! That would be more fun! :)

  4. I enjoy your blog so much, Jessi. I hate for the day to come when you will no longer have internet access.
    Prayers for God's richest blessings on the Georges Five,