Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ok, so maybe it isn't all bad...

My husband says I am a pessimist. I do not agree with that. If anything I say I am a realist, but just as Ferris Bueller didn't condone any "ism". I don't really condone being labeled an "ist". Amen. Anyway, so I made a passing reference yesterday that I hated the gym. Did anyone catch that? I know it was subtle. But, I do have to say that there are some good things about it. And I will list them here:

1. I get to pee without an audience.

2. I get to shower without having to jump out soaking wet with shampoo in my hair because I am convinced that one child has killed the other.

3. I get to listen to my ipod shuffle.

Before you make fun of me for only having an ipod shuffle, please know that I love it. It is tiny and pink and clips onto my shirt, and weighs practically nothing. (I do, however, take it off before I get on the scale. Every ounce counts) Also, it is very simple and easy to use, and I can only listen to it at the gym anyway, so why do I need it to show pictures or fancy things on a screen. In all honesty, I would have no idea how to work an ipod any more complicated than this one. I learned a little acronym a long time ago that has sort of become my theme in life- KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. For me, it means, "if you are stupid, keep your life simple, and you will be a lot less frustrated". Amen.

Anyway, this song by Shaun Groves came on and I haven't listened to it for a while, but I remembered why I love it, and listened to it 2 more times before I left gym. I just thought I would share it here...

Jesus brings a meal for tips
Jesus trying hard to quit
Jesus raising two alone
Jesus drives a heavy load

When we love the least
When we love the weak
When we love these
We love Jesus

Jesus with worn wrinkled hands
Jesus sows a patch of land
Jesus hides a tattooed arm
Jesus keeping dinner warm

When we love the least
When we love the weak
When we love these
We love Jesus

Jesus waves a foreign flag
Jesus wrings a washing rag
Jesus leans on prison bars
Jesus swinging in my yard

Here is what Shaun says is the reason for writing the song:

I have met so many people who hate God because those of us who claim to love God haven't loved them yet. And I believe now that church services, Christian music and books are not God's primary means of convincing them otherwise. We are. They will know Him by our love for them. Yet I still find it difficult at times to love everyone I meet - not just the upstanding and clean - as if I am loving Christ Himself.

So, I don't know it the gym is doing anything for my physically, but is certainly helping me spiritually, which is probably the best thing about it! :)

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