Monday, October 18, 2010

I hate the gym

I hate the gym. I went for the first time last Friday. I went in and took it easy since I just had my abdomen sliced open 6 weeks prior. Well, that very easy "workout" (seriously, it was pitiful, and probably should not even be called a workout) left me sore for the last two days, and I don't have high hopes for tomorrow either. The thing that is the most pitiful is the fact that I am this sore from that sad little 30 minutes at the gym. I hate the gym.

Our family trip to fair made me go, though. Five weeks after having Mae, I climbed the Great Wall...something like 13 miles of the Great Wall. 13 miles and like 7 billion steps. I remember being tired, but not overly tired afterward, and definitely not sore. Oh, I was also carrying my baby in a sling the whole time. Five weeks after having Mia, I walked around the fair for a couple hours, and thought I was going to die. I am seriously out of shape, but I seriously hate the gym.

Our life in China made me in shape. We walked everywhere. I had to climb 3 flights of stairs to get to my apartment. I went up and down those stairs several times a day just to do my laundry, let alone actually going anywhere. Also, fresh fruits and veggies were cheap, and American imported junk food was expensive. I liked this "way of life" diet and exercise much better than going to the stupid gym- I hate the gym. I was getting in shape without even realizing it. And do not even get me started on the price of fresh produce here. Here I am at 15 weeks pregnant. I could not fit my big toe in those jeans now. And my stomach hasn't been that flat since, well, whenever this picture was taken.

Anyway, the point is. I would like to be in some sort of shape before we leave for New Guinea. I mean, I am pretty sure that daily life will be very physical, perhaps even more so than in China, and I am going to need to be able to do more than just stroll around the fair for a couple hours without getting winded. I just really need some motivation. I have had several people tell me that I should train for a marathon, and that would keep me motivated. To that I thanks. I don't mind running as long as it is a short distance. The longest I have ever run was 5 miles, and that was in college. It took me a whole semester to build up to that, and that was when ephedrine was still legal. I ran around the track at on campus. I did not go to the dumb gym- I hate the gym. Anyway, I think Marathons are "the new thing". It seems like everyone is doing them. I wish I was a part of "everyone", but I am not. There are a lot of things that seem to be trending with my peers right now, that I just don't see myself being a part of- marathons, natural childbirth, Calvinism...just to name a few. One trend I would like to get on board with is cakes. Have you noticed that everyone is making cakes these days? I would like to be a part of the eating of the cakes, not the making. I will leave that to the talented people. Did I mention that I hate the gym? Just wanted to make sure my feelings were clear on this subject.


  1. Bahaha, I love it. I only love it because it is me RIGHT now. My doctor told me a few weeks ago I needed to drop the weight. I ran (well, ran is such a relative word) a half-marathon in 2008 when SA was 6 months old and it was rough. I did drop the weight so quickly though. So, in the past 2 weeks W and I have started couch to 5k. We didn't even buy the app, the podcast is free. I like it, a lot. We're on week 2 now... and it is SO under 5 miles. Forget ephedrine, just get some green tea matte :)

  2. I was wondering, how do you feel about the gym? Not sure I understood you.

  3. I agree about the gym but I gained weight when I lived in China! And I wasn't pregnant. Not fair! :) I will never run a marathon so let's stay the course.

  4. Rebecca, I think the fact that I was pregnant helped in the weight loss. I was sick for 3 months and had an aversion to Chinese food for 6 months, so it was hard to eat anything!