Friday, August 14, 2015

Quick Update

We learned yesterday that the police flew into the village where the two women were recently killed and arrested one person involved in the murder of Yamene and immediately flew back into town to imprison him. Most people here are saying that he is not the actual killer- that his brother pulled the trigger that put the bullet in her chest- but the brother ran into the jungle when he heard the plane flying in. The father of these two brothers is still in the village. Most are saying that he was not actually involved but went along to try to stop his sons. Again, there is not a great way to validate this, we just have to go with what the majority are saying.

We are still uncertain as to why Yamene was killed, but most of the Hewans here still believe it was a revenge killing for the death of Mifila. Because of this, there is a lot of anger and tension that nothing was done to bring justice to Mifila's killers. It is a big mess right now, so please pray for wisdom and calm hearts and heads for all of those who feel they were wronged.

Please also keep in mind that Mifila's killers came from a village that is at least a day's hike away with no airstrip or roads in. It will be very difficult to catch and prosecute them anytime soon, if ever.

Please continue to pray for justice, and for God's truth to shine brightly from this side of the jungle. Pray that their eyes will be opened to the truth and they will see, the same as others have seen, that even though they continually kill "witches" people continue to get sick and die. This is not solving the problem of sickness, pain, and death in the world. Pray that their ears will be opened to hear the truth that Jesus solved that problem for them- not by taking someone else's life, but by giving up His own.

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