Thursday, August 13, 2015

Good News

After months of what seems like nothing but bad news, I'm thrilled to finally have some good news to share... 

John Michael recently had a language evaluation and even though the days before were filled with running around trying to handle every thing he could with the latest witch killing AND even though he had the beginnings of malaria at the time- his test went extremely well. 

The language rating system here goes up to 10 levels and the language consultants put him at around 9.5!! They plan on coming back in November and feel confident that he will be completely done with language study and will be able to assist our co-workers in Bible translation, lesson writing, and teaching. This is an incredible boost of encouragement for us in what has been a really chaotic return from furlough. 
(I still have a long way to go, for those of you who are wondering, but that is pretty normal for a mom who is just working on language part-time). 

 Now for the bad news…well, not actually bad news. I guess it is technically no news. We still don't have any solid info on the recent murder. Many people from our village left to various other villages around us to try to find some answers. As soon as we know something new, we will be sure to send out another update. 

Thank you…all of you…who continue to follow and pray for the Hewa work and ministry. Your prayers humble us, carry us, and connect us with the Father in a unique and precious way. They give us strength and hope to endure each day the Lord brings us. 

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