Sunday, August 9, 2015

Another Murder

We just learned that there was another murder in our neighboring village of Fiyawena (the village where our co-workers started the Hewa work). A woman named Yamene was killed by a man and his two sons. Right now we have very little information on this and we know it will take several days for us to hear the whole story. 

But one thing we are certain of is this- we are desperate for help in this situation. The police still have not come even though we heard that they were granted the money to do so. The murderers are bolder than ever, feeling confident that they can satisfy their blood lust with zero consequences. 

We are asking you now to pray. Below is a list of the women who we know are marked as witches in that village. As you can see two names are already crossed out. In the last few months we have evacuated 3 families (around 25 people) and none of them are on this list. There are so many…TOO MANY…innocent women and children who are marked in villages all across Hewa territory to evacuate. If there is no intervention from the outside world this will only continue. 

And if anyone is able to find the articles that were posted online regarding these events, please keep sharing them. Please share them and inform people that this is STILL happening and there is STILL no help. Please share the articles again and again. Wear your "I Love Witches" shirts again and again. Be that annoying person who only posts "bad news" on social media. Because that "bad news" is actually a person. People. Many of them. Their names are written below. Help us not have to cross another name off of this list. 

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