Saturday, August 24, 2013

Keep Praying

Three Praises:

1. I just wanted to let everyone know that we have not had any rain for TWO DAYS AND TWO NIGHTS! It is such a blessing…A MIRACLE, and I know it is the Lord responding to all the prayers being lifted up on our behalf.

2. Also, the other mission organization, SIL, has agreed to help us with our airstrip inspection on the 30th. Please continue to pray for good weather from now until then. If it is rainy on Friday and the pilots cannot come in, it will be extremely difficult to schedule another inspection anytime soon as both of our organizations are trying to service the entire country of PNG with just two pilots each.

3. Finally, the Creation to Christ teaching seems to be going very well. We have been meeting twice a day everyday for about two hours, and everyone is very engaged. It is amazing to watch our church leaders teach with such passion. There is definitely a sense of excitement in the air which keeps everyone ready and eager to return for the next lesson. This is amazing for us to see and we are praying that it continues through the coming weeks ahead. Can you imagine going to church twice day every single day? That seems like a lot for you and I, but it is a lot for the Hewa as well. It keeps them from working in their gardens and visiting relatives in other villages. It is quite a commitment for them, so we are thrilled to see so many involved.

We have had an encouraging weekend after a really discouraging week, so I am incredibly thankful to all of you who have been praying for us. During difficult days it is easy to feel alone and forgotten out here in the middle of nowhere, but sending out prayer requests and then seeing those requests answered reminds us that above all the Lord is with us, and that His Body, the church, is supporting us...holding us up in prayer.

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  1. I just now read your last three blog posts and got caught up on the Happenings in Hewa. I'm so sorry for the frustrations you've experienced! Who would have thought that a little rain would cause so much trouble? I mean, except for Noah...or New Orleans...never mind. I am glad that you have a few dry days and will continue praying for the airstrip, your supply trips and the Bible teachings!