Thursday, August 8, 2013

Another Tree Kangaroo

Someone brought us another tree kangaroo, but this one was for eating instead of petting. So, raise your hand if you have eaten an endangered species.…my hand is raised! Don't worry, animal lovers, it was gamey and musty, so I can't imagine that I will further contribute to it becoming extinct. I can't say the same for my Hewa friends, though. They don't get a lot of meat, so this was quite a treat for them. 

I am all about saving animals, but not when it means that my friends and their children go hungry. Let's just be honest here…vegetarianism is a luxury. When you watch people do very difficult physical labor every day just to feed their families a few basic root vegetables, you worry a lot less about animal conservation and celebrate every source of protein they can pull out of the jungle. 

Although, next time I will celebrate from the sidelines and let them enjoy this particular food on their own!  

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