Sunday, August 11, 2013

Air Drop

What do you do when you live in the middle of the jungle, you are trying to build an airstrip, and you get a flat tire on your tractor just days before you complete the work?

Well, there are two options…

1. You pay $5,000 for a helicopter to come in and bring you a tire patch and tube.

2. You pay $250 for the airplane pilot to fly over and throw the tire patch and tube out the window.

We chose the second option. It is called an "air drop" and it is very exciting and fun. We had some sweet friends send little goodies for our kids as well and it was extra special for them to watch treats falling from the sky. It has been about seven weeks since we had a flight and it will be about three more before we get another. So, even though today's event was brief it was still entertaining in a place where nothing really ever changes.

We also got a good report from the pilot who said that the strip looked good and he sees no reason why he won't be able to open it on the 30th as long as we have good weather for him to get in here.

So, keep praying for our weather. We need sunny days to finish the work on the strip and for it to dry out and settle before the plane comes in on the 30th. Please be specifically praying for our weather on that day, so that the helicopter can bring the pilot in to inspect the strip and then if everything looks good, the pilot can bring the plane back in and land that day.

As fun as today was, I know that the rejoicing will be 100 times what we experienced today when we actually see a plane land here! There won't be any Champagne, but I bet there will be lots of pig meat and sweet potatoes!

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  1. That is SO exciting for you!! I love the mental image of your kids dancing around as treats fall from high overhead. So much fun!