Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Why You Should Never Lie

Well, you see my wonderful, handsome and now tip-of-his-thumbless husband turns 30 at the end of this month. And my beautiful neighbor and now-new-co-worker's big sister turns 30 the day after that. So. The two of us cooked up this little scheme to throw 3N1 and Big Sister a party on Thursday July 12, 2012. Big Sister was flying back into the tribe where they work the next day. It was a surprise party. It had an 80s theme, you know because they were born in 1982. I made a cake, and some friends made a sign, and everyone was gonna dress up in 80s garb. I also chose this theme because my husband HATES the idea of turning 30 and he also hates everything about the 80s- the music, the clothes, the hair- everything. So I thought it appropriate for the mood of the celebration.

Meanwhile, I had been teaching two of the high school girls here on base Spanish 1 this summer, so they could go on to Spanish 2 this fall at the boarding school. Their parents wanted to throw a little party to say thanks the next night (Friday night). I told them they really didn't have to do it, but secretly I was dancing a jig in my mind over not having to cook or clean up for one night, and then they said they were making Mexican food, so I said, "I'm there" with no more arguments.

Anyway, my husband walks in while I am in the middle of making the cake for the 80s party that night, so I told him that it was a cake for the Spanish party the next night. He asked, "Why are you making a cake for your own party?" I thought, "Crap. He's not dumb, he knows," but I answered, "I wanted to do something nice for the girls because they worked so hard this summer." And I seriously did. They were amazing. They did 10 chapters in 6 weeks, and learned vocabulary and grammar in days that took my former students weeks to learn! Well, he bought it, and I felt I had mischievously prepared to give him the biggest surprise and successfully throw him a party that he would hate for years to come. So what if I had to tell a little lie? Little did I know that my husband would chop off 1/4 of his thumb and would spend the night getting Hepatitis B treated at the local hospital.

Well, guess what? We did not have the 80s party, but we did have the Spanish fiesta the next night.

Here we are with the delicious spread the girls and their Mamas made....


So, let this be a lesson to you, everyone. Do not lie. Or your husband will chop his thumb off with a joiner saw, and you will have to eat a cake that says "30" at a Mexican Fiesta. How ridiculous!

***And, yes, we are all jerks for taking this picture like this, but we just couldn't help it.***

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