Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why I avoid Pinterest...

Yeah, I know Pinterest is the new thing, but I very quickly learned that this particular new thing is not for me. Mainly because all the cute, crafty, tasty, beautiful, awesomeness that can be created and then pinned up is not available to me in this country. (I live in Papua New Guinea, in case you were unaware of that. I may or may not have mentioned it in this blog)

Also, because I am just not that mom. I am not the cute crafty mom. I am also not the delicious treat maker mom. I am the mom who likes to watch TV with her kids. **cue gasp** I know, I know, I am that mom. I can sing every word to every song from every Disney Princess movie ever made, and I may have a few choreographed moves to those songs as well.  You can judge me if you want, but when I try to make crafts with my kids I end up with glitter in my hair, one kid’s eyeball glued shut, and yelling at everyone for not having fun, BECAUSE CRAFTS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FUN, DADGUMMIT!

So, I have figured out that when my kids want to make crafts, I hand them the pipe cleaners and fuzzy balls and glue and tell them to “go at it” and watch as they have lots of fun creating whatever they want. And I smile and hug them and tell them that I totally know it is a butterfly when what I actually think it looks like is an anatomically correct alien. Then I question whether or not we need to have a talk about all the naked kids we see at the beach…

And finally I avoid pinterest because the one time I did check that thing out I was brainwashed into making this monstrosity….

It is called a “picaken”. It is an entire pie inside of a cake. I made it, then ate one piece and immediately gained 7 pounds, and swore off pinterest forever.

The End. 

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