Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hi. Remember me? I write this blog. Sometimes.
I have sort of been MIA lately because as you know from 2 posts ago, we have formed a tribal church planting team. So now, 3 nights a week we are meeting together to discuss lots of stuff that will hopefully help us in the future. I will sum those meetings up with a one word quote from Will Ferrell playing George W. Bush, "Strategery".

I have been busy with that, but also busy with this...

Please note that she has pushed the chair over to this shelf so she could climb on it and get all the things down that I have purposefully placed out of her reach (or so I thought). Also this week she has discovered that she can pull stuff off the top of my kitchen counters when I am cooking, like plates full of naan bread, and extra large kitchen knives. She is into EVERYTHING. Her destruction is as ubiquitous as Angelina Jolie's leg at the Oscars! She drinks toilet bowl cleaner and jumps into swimming pools without warning (thank you inventor of arm floaties!).

So, I have very little time to do anything else, but watch this little precious angel like a sniper watches Kim Jong Il Kim Jong Un. I need H.E.L.P!!

Any moms out there who have little dare devil destructos who would like to give me advice I would gladly take it...even if it is a link to baby sized straight jackets. I am one more entire-toilet-paper-roll-in-the-toilet-bowl away from that step!

***Before you judge me for taking her picture before getting her down, please note that this is the sixth, that's right, SIXTH time I have pulled her down from this position this weekend. I am pretty sure she has this mastered. 

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  1. always make me laugh... pretty sure there is nothing you can do about the getting into least with my 4...i have yet to discover it... and disciplining often doesn't help...since several of mine seem to think the discipline is worth it. :) i end up taking pictures of them doing "bad" that I have evidence later in life. :) praying for you friend... being a mom sometimes KICKS YOU IN THE BUTT!