Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Well, we have now been here for a month, and I thought I would reflect a little about what our lives have looked like these last 30 days...

1. It has been a month since I have driven a car.

2. It has been a month since I have eaten ice cream.

3. It has been a month since I have slept in a nice air conditioned room.

4. We have been here for about 30 days and I have had diarrhea for 15 of them.

5. I have been to beach 5 times (prior to this it had been 4 years!)

6. I have played a million board games with my husband and girls (and it is lots of fun!)

7. I have made some great new friends (both ex-pat and nationals)

8. I have loved every minute of it!!!

Here are just a few pictures of our time here:

Me with my language helper, Ruth. She is currently at the island of Manus visiting her home village...Come back soon, Ruth! We miss you!

On the way to church

At the market

Playing Jenga

Some local houses

And finally I leave you with a few pics of one of our trips to the beach


  1. SOO glad you guys are enjoying life here!! Have to say i'm very jealous you get to live by the beach and i have to go there for vacation! My #5 on your list is the exact opposite - growing up by the beach and missing it tons! But, we live in a gorgeous place here as well! Can't wait to meet you guys in a couple weeks! Glad you've settled in! :) - Stacy

  2. Ha ha! I know we cannot wait to meet you guys either. Your name is written on the calendar in supply and I get excited when I see it! Sorry, you are not near the beach, but at least you live in a much cooler place! Jumping in the ocean is the only way to cool us off some days! :)

  3. I am so enjoying your blog, Jessi. Keep it up!
    Prayers for God's richest blessings for the Georges Five,