Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gecko flickin'

Growing up in the south I always heard people talk about "cow tipping". I am pretty sure it was made popular by the movie "Tommy Boy" (or maybe it was around before that, I have no idea, but it was a hilarious part in the movie)
Tommy to his new "brother":
-Can't believe you've never been cow tipping before! Get ready to live! She's sleeping. What you do is put your shoulder into her and you push.
- And?
- They fall over.
-And this doesn't strike
you as kinda' dumb?
-We're family. We're gonna be doing
lots of dumb stuff together.
And scene!

Great movie! Anyway, I never actually knew anyone who has been cow tipping before. I think it is one of those "urban myths"...wait...cow pastures are not in urban areas, so would that be a "rural myth?" My brain is exploding. Anyway, I am pretty sure that cows do sleep lying down. I mean I have seen them lying down and sleeping. My husband grew up raising cows, so I should ask his expert opinion, but he isn't here. He is getting his "official" driver's license because we noticed the other day that the office had taken down the sign that they were out of film. This doesn't actually mean that they have the film, but he is going over to check it out. He is also going to check on buying some wood to make a frame for our water bed, because it is too freakin hot at night and we are not getting any sleep. With both have some serious blood shot eyes...this may be in part to the fact that we get lots of second hand marijuana smoke blowing into our house every night...but I am pretty sure it is mostly lack of sleep. I am sorry I said freakin, but there is no other word for it. If you were here, you would agree. Anyway, I am getting WAY off topic here.

The point of this post was to tell you about my new found form of entertainment. Gecko flickin'. I imagine it is like cow tipping on a smaller scale. You see we have TONS of geckos here and they make very loud obnoxious noises at night. They do not have cute Australian accents. They make a very distinct "ka-ka-ka-ka-KA-KA-KAKAKKAKAKA!!!!!" sound all night long. Annoying. So, when we see them on our window screens (we don't have glass windows, we have mesh screens (ignore the weird dark picture of me and notice the mesh screen behind me, thank you)...

Now, whenever we see one of the annoying little boogers on the outside of the screen, we just walk over and flick it on the belly and it goes flying. We wait until we hear a satisfactory "thud" on the porch of an even better "ping" on the tin roof if we are flicking them from the bedrooms windows on the second floor. It is really quite fun. So much fun that I am constantly looking for geckos to flick and I get really excited when I spot one on the mesh. As I am writing this, I realize it sounds pretty demented, and I am guessing that we may need more to entertain us at night. If only netflix delivered to PNG! Sigh. Maybe one day. Until then, all geckos be warned...if you come to the George house, YOU WILL GET FLICKED!!! Maybe even after we get Netflix...because it is really fun.


  1. I'm gonna try it! I was in my kitchen the other day, bent down into a cabinet looking for something, when a gekko jumped from the counter onto the little step-stool beside me. I screamed like a.. well, like a girl. KB looked at me like I had 2 heads.

    Back in Guam, I was sitting on the toilet and one jumped from the shower bar ONTO my head. Again, I screamed like a girl. Except then I was a very pregnant girl with a very concerned husband who came running.

    And congratulations on putting the gekko call into words! It's perfect!

  2. It is perfect. Mike and I were moving large furniture out of the house and one dropped from the porch roof onto aforementioned large piece of furniture...the hand of God prevented us from having a broken foot or toe amputation.